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Hi steemians …

This incident happened when I was 6 years old but I know the truth at the age of 30 years.

Really painful.

At that time I gave my brother (2 years) an ice bar which was not allowed by our parents.

But because he was whining then I secretly bought him.

Unexpectedly in the evening my brother was experiencing severe vomiting and diarrhea.

He became very weak.

After being taken to the hospital it turns out he must be hospitalized and get 0.9% NaCl 12 bottles and 3 bags of blood.

At that time I was blamed for everything because I gave my brother an ice bar snack owned by a neighbor.

Thankfully my brother survived but since then I always feel guilty when I remember the incident.

If there is a family event and accidentally remembered the incident that my brother who is weak because of vomiting and dysentery then there will be more words because it says the cause.

This happens year after year until I grow up, married and have children.

And anyway I feel guilty because his fat body became so skinny even then that the doctor said a miracle he could recover.

Until one day my mother admitted that she was the one who had given the formula milk that was already stale to my brother. That’s because my brother was starving and his milk was gone, my mother did not have the money to buy a new one, while waiting for the father who never went home then my mom gave the remaining milk in the glass that turned out to be stale.

Apparently this even caused my brother was poisoned and vomited to dysentery. Fearing my father’s anger, my mom said nothing when I said I gave my brother ice.

Upon hearing this I suddenly did not think that my mother was willing to lie and make me have to bear the burden of guilt for decades. Even my other sister had uttered did not think and why to the point. Some things my mother disclosed as the reason for this apply.

But if the mother did the truth, of course I should not feel burdened with deep guilt and feelings of regret.

But I have forgiven her. She is my mother, still so much better than her shortcomings.

Thanks for your attention